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Bishops Canning CofE Primary School & Pre School

Pre School Welcome and Information

About us

Bishops Cannings Pre School is a rural Pre School located on the grounds of the primary school and is governed by Bishops Cannings School and EQUA Mead Learning Trust.

The Pre School has been in the village for more than 25 years, and is now situated in a purpose built unit that is directly attached to the school.

The Pre School offers 28 places per session, running 2 sessions a day, 5 days a week, and is open to 2 -4 year olds.

We also run the provision for Breakfast and After-school club. which is open to 2-11 year olds.

We work closely with the school and especially Unicorn Class; joining them regularly for shared activities such as wellie walks, Easter egg hunts, Christmas Parties and Golden Time.

Opening Hours

Breakfast Club – 7.45am – 9 am
Pre-school – 9am – 3pm
After School Club – 3pm – 6pm



Please be aware that as of 15th April 2024, there will be a change in fees for Preschool, Breakfast and After-school club. The new fees are as follows:

 2 yr old  3-4 yr olds Primary School Children
Breakfast Club – per hour


Per Hour


Per Hour


Per Hour
Morning Preschool


Session 9 am – 12 pm

£17.40 £14.40
Afternoon Preschool


Session 12 pm – 3 pm

£17.40 £14.40
All Day session


9 am – 3 pm

£34.80 £28.80
After School Club – per hour


Per Hour


Per Hour


Per Hour


Funding forms are completed at the start of each big term, Sept – Dec/Jan - March/April - July.  These forms will layout the number of funded weeks/hours in each funding period and what a parent is claiming. 

Early years entitlement places must be taken up before the council headcount week and cannot be altered until the start of the next funding period.  Once the funding has been submitted, if a parent requires additional hours, this will be chargeable.  Hours not funded will be added to Parent mail each term and payment for these are due within two weeks of them being added to the system.

Funded hours are completely free of charge. Parents are not charged for any differences between the funding received from Wiltshire Council and the rate charged by Pre School.

Notice Period

If a child wants to move mid-term, and is funded by Wiltshire Council, then this would not be possible until the next funding term, unless the family meet a criteria set by Wiltshire Council.  If a child decides to leave the Pre School and end their sessions, then a two week notice period is required.

Additional Charges

Additional charges are asked for any cooked lunches that are required.  These are booked and paid for through Lataca. 

Parents are asked to provide any required nappies, wipes, and creams. 

TD days and bank holidays are not charged.  If for any reason the Pre School has to close, parents will not be charged if they would normally be charged for that session.  We do not generally charge for additional activities or sessions run by the Preschool.  On the very odd occasion we may run a chargeable trip, parents will be informed by letter.

Bishops Cannings Pre School does not enforce the wearing of school uniform for children but Pre School jumpers are available if desired.

There is no additional charge for enhancements where a child has SEND.

Two-year Funding

This is available for families in England who are receiving some forms of support with 2-year-old children.  15 hours of free early education is available for 38 weeks.

To be able to take up 15 hours of free childcare for your two-year-old you or your child must meet the eligibility criteria. Please visit GOV.UK for further information.

15 hours free funding

This is available for all families in England with 3 and 4-year-old children.  This entitles 15 hours of free early education for 38 weeks.

30 hours free funding

This is available for working families in England with 3 and 4-year-old children.  30 hours of free childcare or early education for 38 weeks

Parents eligible for 30 hours must give the preschool their 30-hour code prior to the funding period starting.  Eligibility must be re-confirmed every 3 months as prompted by HMRC.  Failure to re-confirm will mean the additional funding is not available and parents will be charged for any hour that are accessed over the 15 free hours.

Tax free childcare

Bishops Cannings Pre School accept Tax free childcare which is available from the Government for working families, in the UK with children under 16 (or under 17 if disabled).  The scheme pays 70% of childcare costs, up to a cap.

Further information of available funding is available from Childcare Choices | 30 Hours Free Childcare, Tax-Free Childcare and More | Help with Costs | GOV.UK

Additional Funding Available

If a child is eligible for additional funding, this can be applied for via Pre School when completing the termly funding forms.


The EYPP gives providers additional funding to support disadvantaged 3 and 4-year-old pupils.

3 and 4-year-olds will be eligible for EYPP if the child meets any of the Government listed criteria.  More information on these criteria can be found on www.gov.uk-Early Years Pupil Premium.


The DAF is intended to aid access to the free entitlements for disabled children.

Complaints Policy

A copy of the school’s complaints policy is available on the school website.