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Bishops Canning CofE Primary School & Pre School

Online Safety

Online-Safety - Everyone's responsibility

Throughout the school year we teach children about staying safe on-line, and we are sure you are doing your bit at home too.  Each week the children in each class receive a short lesson on e-safety and the Headteacher asks the children about their learning during Friday Assembly.  If you would like a bit of extra guidance on how to protect your children, visit the NSPCC website where you will find lots of useful information.

Our Online Safety policy can be found here. The policy can also be found under the "policies" heading.

Online Safety - Top Tips For Parents

Term 1 Autumn 2024 Newsletter: Back to school.

Back To School Photos

With the excitement of a new school year and your child reaching a new milestone, many of us share photos of children online without thinking about the associated risks.

If you post online, then try following these basic rules:

• Don’t post any photos of your child that show their school logo/name or recognisable places by where they live that can make it easy for people to find out their location.

• Never include your child’s full name.

• Are there any other children in the pictures you share online? If yes, do you have permission from their parent/carer to upload it?

• Would your child be happy for your comment/photo about them to be online – remember what might be ‘cute’ now may be embarrassing to them in the future.

• Make sure appropriate privacy settings are on.

Alternatively, you could just share photos with those who you really want to share the photo with (grandparents etc.) via WhatsApp or iMessage rather than via social media.

Further information CEOP have published this article which includes advice on sharing photos of your child online: Sharing pictures of your children (thinkuknow.co.uk)


Term 6 2023 Newsletter: Be Kind

How we behave online should be the same as how we behave face to face. This YouTube video from Dr Linda Papadopoulos tells us how we can encourage children to be kind online: Be Kind

Online Safety and Safeguarding

If you have any questions or concerns around online safety or any area of safeguarding, please do speak to the designated safeguarding lead or the deputy designated safeguarding lead:

Designated Safeguarding Lead – Miss Vardy

Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead – Mrs Rossi

Safeguarding Link Governor - Mrs Martin

Term 5 newsletter week 3: Top Internet Manners

Internet Matters have produced a list of ‘manners’ that we all should follow to create a safer and kinder online world: Top Internet Manners - Internet Matters

When should a child get their own phone?

 If you are thinking about giving your child their own phone, then you might find the latest article from the Education Team at Childnet useful: Experts answer: “When do you think my child should get their own phone?” - UK Safer Internet Centre

Term 5 newsletter week 1: Broadband filters Most broadband providers include parental controls free as part of their broadband package, which means that any device that connects to your Wi-Fi will be protected by any controls you set up. 

Find out how to set yours up here: 

Remember, children may have devices that use mobile data, so they won’t always be connected to your wifi. Ensure you set up parental controls on these devices too. Further information: Parental controls offered by your home internet provider - UK Safer Internet Centre