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Bishops Canning CofE Primary School & Pre School

Pre School SEND

We work hard at Bishops Cannings Preschool to ensure that our curriculum and our building do not discriminate against children with Special Educational Needs or a Disability and to ensure that all children are welcome and not disadvantaged because of culture, ethinicity, religion, family background, learning difficulties or disabilities.

Bishops Cannings Pre School is proud to be able to provide an inclusive education for children who may have: cognition and learning needs, communication and interaction needs, physical and medical needs, behavioural, social and emotional needs and sensory needs.  We work with and alongside other professionals from a variety of agencies such as Speech Therapy.

We have a range of equipment that helps us support children with special education needs and are always reflecting and adapting to ensure we meet all the childrens needs.  We use Makaton (signing) to help support children who have speech difficulties or who are bi-lingual.  Makaton is used along with speech with all children in the setting so they can all benefit from the advantage of signing to support their communication and interaction with others.

Our Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator is Mrs Alison Juggins.  She has overall responsibility for leading Pre School development in SEND.

Our SENCO is contactable face to face, by email preschoolsenco@bishopscannings.wilts.sch.uk  or via the Pre School telephone on 01380 860661

From September 2014 all schools and academies are required to publish information about their SPECIAL EDUCATIONAL NEEDS and DISABILITY (SEND) provision.  In Wiltshire, this will form part of a Local Offer and details about our SEND provision, and that of other schools and agencies provision, will be found under a dedicated Local Offer website found here.