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Bishops Canning CofE Primary School & Pre School

Our Aims

Intent (Aims)

To provide high quality care and education for 2 to 4 year olds by nurturing and enriching each individual child through playful experiences in a warm safe and caring setting



Pedagogy (how) Curriculum (what)
  • Learning through play
  • Understanding of how children develop and learn (theory/approaches)
  • The child – their stages of development and interests
  • Covering the 7 educational programmes and characteristics of learning (EYFS – development matters)
  • Following children’s interests
  • cultural celebrations/special days


  • We promote British Values
    • Democracy
    • Individual liberty
    • The rule of law
    • Mutual Respect
    • Tolerance and respect of opinions and diversity
  • We promote Five to Thrive
    • Respond
    • Engage
    • Relax
    • Play
    • Talk
  • We promote Conflict Resolution
    • The ability to learn to recognise feelings of self and others and resolve conflict amicable.
    • Self-regulating own feelings
    • Promoting empathy to others
  • We promote our Spiritual Values
    • Wisdom – The ability to learn, play and gain knowledge and experiences
    • Graciousness – We learn to be kind and courteous to others
    • Perseverance – We strive to keep going through difficulties and challenges
    • Thankfulness – we give thanks to the lord for each day and for all things we encompass




To develop children who are happy, kind lifelong learners who have confidence, resilience and independence