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Bishops Canning CofE Primary School & Pre School

Hogglestock Hedgehogs Class (Year 1)

Hogglestock was one of the hedgehogs who lived during the time of Prince Caspian. He was summoned to meet with the council before the war was declared.


Teacher: Ms Steggall  |  Teaching assistants: Mrs Perry and Mr Thomas

What we do:

Leaving Reception behind and moving into Year 1 can feel like a big step for both children and their parents. We aim to make the transition into Year 1 a smooth one. The children will still be learning through play, they will still be exploring, discovering and making plenty of use of their role-play corner. However, over the course of the year, your child’s day may be a little more structured than it was in Reception and they may have to sit at a table for a little longer than they are used to, but they will still also be learning in a variety of ways; while moving, exploring outdoors, in groups, on the carpet or walking around the school!

What will my child do in Year 1?

Your child will have left the EYFS behind in reception, although some goals may be carried on with them as they move into Year 1. This will be their first year of the National Curriculum and, like all year groups, Year 1 has government statutory schemes of learning to follow.

There is a Year 1 phonics screening test in June, which helps your child’s teacher to identify if your child is secure in sounding out and blending graphemes. It also detects if they can read phonically decodable words. Don’t be worried about this test. Your child’s teacher will be assessing your child daily and will have identified any areas they need to focus on well before the test date.