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Bishops Canning CofE Primary School & Pre School


Our Intent, Implementation and Impact: 

Our science curriculum will:

  • Have a local, national and global dimension and promote mutual respect and understanding by learning about a wide range of scientific thinking, scientists and phenomena.
  • Explore the sustainability of our planet and our role as citizens within it
  • Promote curiosity, problem solving and imagination.
  • Offer challenges through first hand experiences.
  • Offer opportunities to be enquiry based and require thought and explanation.
  • Encourage children to appreciate human invention and the natural world


Children will: 

  • have the high-level vocabulary and skills to ask questions, explain their learning and communicate effectively through a wide range of media
  • be self-motivated and willing to take risks; solve problems creatively, taking pride in their learning; and motivate themselves towards success and increasing independence.


At Bishops Cannings Primary, we want our children to enjoy and be inspired by – STEM. This will ultimately enhance our wider curriculum and provide our children with the knowledge and skills for the exciting and important jobs of the future.


science road map.pdf


Click here for the Whole School Progression Map for Science.