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Bishops Canning CofE Primary School & Pre School

Hare Moonwood Class (Year 3)

Moonwood was a talking hare who lived in the sixth century, during the Age of Conquest.  His hearing was so sensitive, that he could hear a whispered conversation in Cair Paravel above the roar of the waterfall.  You can read about Moonwood in the book, 'The Last Battle'.

Mr Rutter  |  Teaching assistants: Mrs Delves, Mrs Paffeley and Mrs Weller 

What we do: 

In schools in England, Year 3 is for children 7–8 years old, and this stage marks the end of Key Stage 1 as your child enters Key Stage 2 as a Junior. If they have attended an Infant school, this will also involve a move to a new school where they become part of the youngest year group again.

The move to Key Stage 2 allows your child to engage in a broad and balanced curriculum, with less focus on phonics and early maths and reading. The children will start to develop their knowledge of History, Geography, Science and other subjects, only covered in KS2, like learning a new language. Furthermore, there will be greater emphasis on understanding and learning spelling rules and importantly, in maths, your child will be using more formal methods of calculation than in previous years.