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Bishops Canning CofE Primary School & Pre School

Phoenix Class (Year 2)

The Phoenix was a magnificent, reddish-black firebird that was larger than an eagle, with a saffron chest, its head crested with scarlet, and its tail purple. You can read about a Phoenix in the book, 'The Magician's Nephew'.

Teacher: Mrs Reed  |  Teaching assistants: Mrs Oram and Mrs Wiltshire 

What we do:

In schools in England, Year 2 is for children 6–7 years old and is the last year of Key Stage 1. As your child continues through this year, there will be a continued focus on phonics and developing their skills further in writing and maths – exploring new concepts, developing their writing stamina and ensuring they have opportunities to work with more independence in preparation for the transition to Year 3.

 What will my child do in Year 2?

Welcome to Year 2! Your child has now entered an important stage of their primary school experience: this is the year of the Key Stage 1 (KS1) end-of-year attainment tests known as SATs, which mark the end of their KS1 journey.

For many parents, this can feel like an emotional time, as their child prepares for their first formal testing and reaches the end of their stage as an infant. While you do need to be mindful of the end goal for this year, it is also important to see it for the wonderful year that it is.

The final year of KS1 will see your child being encouraged to work more independently. At this age, most children will have improved their ability to coordinate movement and their language/speech will be increasingly complex and grammatically correct, so it’s an exciting year for children, parents and teachers. This guide will help you to understand what your child will be learning and suggest helpful ways in which you can support them at home.